Brembo GPRR Brake Caliper


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Monoblock caliper, strictly racing, machined entirely from billet thanks to the use of numerically controlled equipment. The extremely low weight, just 578 grams without brake pads, and the use of titanium mounting bolting and pistons make this caliper one of the highest in performance in the Brembo range, thanks in part to the particular stiffness ensured by the 3 bridge structure. The hydraulics were the focus of a careful fine-tuning. The use of 4 pistons with 32 and 36 mm differentiated diameter allowed a further increase in braking power and modularity characteristics. The Brembo monoblock calipers made from billet are derived from Brembo’s great experience in racing which, crossing over into each phase of the production process, has allowed the mass/stiffness ratio and braking performance to be increased. These calipers contribute to the highest performance possible with a bike caliper and are the result of precise design calculations, as well as the use of the most advanced metal machining technologies available. This model uses a special surface finish borrowed from MotoGP: The nickel plating allowed the calipers to be taken to new performance levels thanks to further restrictions on the machining tolerances. For this type of caliper we recommend the use of a “low strip” brake disc. For more information contact your local distributor. This Component is designed and manufactured to be used exclusively in racing competitions and, therefore, the product shall be installed through specific adaptors not included in the packaging of the component and by highly qualified and competent professionals working in the “racing” field. Please contact our distributor for any further clarification.

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